Ujet Smart Scooter Folding

Ujet Folding Smart Scooter Unveiled At The CES 2018, Las Vegas

The Ujet folding smart scooter isn’t just foldable but comes with a plethora of technology crammed into it.

Ujet Smart Scooter Bag

A bag or a scooter?

We often see people at the airport and railway stations heaving or dragging their luggage bags. What if I was to tell you that the days are not too far when people will drag their scooters like a bag? Yes, Ujet is going to make that happen. The Luxembourg-based company unveiled the first folding smart scooter at the CES 2018 in Las Vegas. Not just it allows you to fold it but the convenience of using it is also on another level as it comes loaded with features.

The Ujet smart scooter is based on an asymmetric frame which is designed in such a way that it can be folded in 5 seconds. The company made sure that wheeling it around shouldn’t be an exhilarating task and for that matter, a majority of parts have been made up of carbon-fiber and feather-light alloys. When it contracts, you wouldn’t even recognize it is scooter with only the side panel and seat being exposed.

Moving on to the specifications, the Ujet smart scooter takes two hours to get fully charged and once did, it can carry you around for 80 kilometers. However, that is just for the base variant as the top-end model delivers the range of 160 kilometers on a single charge. The top speed it can attain is 45 km/h with the power of 5.4 PS and a hefty torque of 90 Nm. The high torque should help make the overtakes a seamless task.

The Ujet smart scooter is smart and modern in every way as it packs in a plenty of electronics. The user can connect a smartphone to the scooter so as to configure various parameters of the electric moped. Also, it can be unlocked and started via the smartphone. Other features include the connectivity feature for 3G, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth along with a mobile charging socket.

The wheel setup looks unusual, doesn’t it? That’s for the reason that they run on external bushings contrary to the conventional shaft or bearing while the disc brake has been hidden inside the wheel. The production of the scooter has already commenced and as reported, it will be on sale in Europe soon followed by the US and Asia. The access to the convenience and smartness of Ujet scooter will demand you to shell out a huge amount, more than you’d expect from an electric scooter. The base model starts at Rs. 6.16 lakhs with the higher range version going all the way to Rs. 7.04 lakhs.

Ujet Smart Scooter

Ujet smart electric scooter looks like the future of mobility


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