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TVS Apache RR310 Specifications & Features Review

Have a look at the TVS Apache RR310 specifications and features and decide whether it deserves a place in your garage.
TVS Apache RR310S ActionCrouched ahead, all weight on the wrists, head heaved up and legs curled up at the back. The position I have had been in love with since the very first day I hopped on a sports bike. Wringing the throttle, I urge to go faster, more than what the bike is going, every time I am in that uncomfortable yet excitingly aggressive position. TVS has attempted to give you the pure blend of all these feelings by crafting the lean and mean Apache RR310.

When TVS joined hands with the BMW Motorrad, it was expected that both will be spawning some delicious products and, it happened as expected. The duo targetted the most buzzing segment, mulled the possibilities of a 300cc machine being a success and after all the contemplation gave birth to a platform which was utilized by the BMW G310R and the debuting Apache RR310. The company claims it is a result of the company’ 35 years of racing experience and stuck the #pureracecraft tag with it. But, did that all end into a motorcycle which has the charm to win millions of Indian hearts? We scrutinize the latest addition of the TVS stable to reach an unbiased conclusion.

Styling: Aggressiveness has been the mantra of TVS while designing the big Apache. From front to end, the aesthetics run flawlessly with appropriate proportions and nice drops and lifts in the contours. Stand at the front and you will see hunched down wild-eyes-like twin headlamps which seem to be smiling at you grimly. To protect you from the windblast, the transparent visor sits right above the vicious looking front end which bears an Indian flag decal. The profile of the Apache flaunts the large and edgy fairing which has vents to let the incoming air pass through. This section blends nicely with the beautifully sculpted tank which flows down towards the seat accentuating the overall front profile. Another eye-catchy element is the silver frame and red chassis which peeks out underneath the tank giving it a raw look.

The rear piece of the motorcycle is set high with the snake-fang pattern tail lamps holding striking LEDs. At the bottom above the rear tyre protrudes a fiber panel which appears to have been chopped off sharply only to give it unique and dramatic look. Overall, the Apache RR 310 has everything you need to conquer the 300cc class, at least in the looks department.

Engine and Ride Quality: TVS had probably employed the best engineers in the making of the architecture of the Apache which carries a reverse inclined engine to make the engine compact and possess high mass centralization. It also has a long swingarm and all this setup gives the crucial agility as well as stability around corners and straights. It rides on a 313cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine producing 34 BHP of power and 28 Nm of torque. The unit brilliantly does the duty of propelling the bike frantically and could give great fun riding around the racetrack.

Although not as menacing as the KTM RC390 is its power, you wouldn’t complain about its swiftness around the winding platform where the Apache won’t fail to put a grin on your face. The rear set foot pegs may be pretty racy but not as much to be unbearable. The company’s claim of it being an everyday bike as well as a race machine is close to being true.

Dimensions: TVS has crafted the Apache keeping in mind the riders of almost every stature and it shouldn’t be a problem for a rider of any height to deal with it comfortably. The seat settles at 810mm which makes hopping on it and stepping both feets an easy task. The length of 2001mm and width of 786mm means it won’t throw tantrums while tackling dense traffic and in the parking lot while treading it.The body underneath is 180mm high and it certainly demands the rider to be careful while crossing huge bumps. The TVS Apache RR310 weighs 169 kgs kerb which is competitive for its segment and seeing at the power figure, the power to weight ratio is commendable.

Features: The Indian bikemaker has completely changed the way you gaze at the parameters while riding as the instrument cluster is a unique vertically aligned unit having around 20 telltale lights and all the other crucial figures. It might feel odd at first but a few days with the motorcycle should make it familiar and charming to live with. The pair of monstrous headlamps straps LED bulbs which are good enough for ample of illumination.

Coming to the brakes, the Apache RR310 employs 300mm petal disc with radial caliper at the front and 240mm petal disc at the rear and the dual channel ABS make the whole assembly highly capable. Soaking the bumps and undulations of the roads is executed by USD Kayaba forks at the front while the rear tyre is suspended by mono shock.

Summary: The TVS Apache RR310 is not just another contender in the 300cc segment but looks to be a promising product. WIth the powerplant developed in partnership with BMW, the motorcycle has enough punch and grunt to satisfy the racer within you while keeping you aware of the real world with its practicality. The fancy and attention seeking motorcycle could be had in two colours options, Racing Red and Racing Black. At the price tag of Rs. 2.15 (ex-showroom), the TVS Apache RR310 is the motorcycle you might surely want for quenching your thirst for enthusiastic riding, at the same time taking comfortably wherever and whenever you want.

TVS Apache RR310 Front Quarter

The Apache RR310 looks a perfect value for money product


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