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Top 5 Two-wheelers Worth Remembering This Independence Day

15th August 1947, the day which gave us the result of all the blood and sweat shed by our freedom fighters. After this day, our country didn’t just got independent but it was a commencement of a whole new era of development and revolution.  Among various other sectors, two-wheeler is one such niche which got kicked off drastically after independence and various new models took birth in India. These two-wheelers were not only highly admired and adopted by commuters but became one of the unforgettable icons which completely changed the face of Indian commuting.

On this Independence day, we remember the top 5 two-wheelers which taught the people of India the enthusiasm and love for scooters and motorcycles.

Yamaha RX 100:

Yamaha RX 100

Yamaha RX 100 got discontinued in 2006

Yamaha RX 100 was one such motorcycle which is easy to identify when it passes along the road and you are sitting inside your home. It sounds like a husky and that is an aura of it which enthralled huge number of young riders in India. Started to be built since 1985, it became a love of several motorcycle enthusiasts in India. The reason was its stunning raw looks and the low end acceleration which would make the riders completely blown away. Incorporating a 98cc, two-stroke, single-cylinder engine, it was a perfect motorcycle for short city runs of those times.It continued to be manufactured till 2006 after which the strict emission norms kicking off in India made it come to a halt.

Yamaha RD 350:

Yamaha RD 350

It was the first twin cylinder motorcycle sold in India

When the Yamaha RD 350 was launched in India in 1983, riders in our country were immensely intimidated with the extent of power delivery it had pocessed. It was the first true performance motorcycle for the Indian market but didn’t mamage to gel quite well within the masses. This was probably because the enthusiasts in our country were not completely ready to handle such power and the low mileage it would deliver. And, this was the reason why the Yamaha RD 350 couldn’t last longer than 6 years in india and got discontinued in 1989. It was assembled by Escorts Group in the country and people who had bougth this bike in those days refuse to trade it today at any cost.

The 347cc, two-stroke, parallel-twin engine of the Yamaha RD 350 was a behemoth delivering the amount of power which was tough for any other manufacturer to provide.

Yezdi Roadking:

Yezdi Roadking

The twin pipe exhaust attracted a lot of Indian buyers

Yezdi Roadking was yet another motorcycle sold in India which won many hearts by its unconventional looks and decent power. Various riders would take part in rally and road races astride this bike and it had performed commendable. The 250cc, single cylinder engine of the Yezdi Roadking came with 4-speed transmission accented by the twin pipe exhaust on either sides which would make it stand out of the crowd. The production of this bike started in 1978 by the Ideal Jawa Ltd in Mysore, Karnataka. After 1996, it was stopped being manufactured due to its outdated technolgy and couldn’t survive in front of its rivals.

Royal Enfield Bullet 350:

Royal Enfield Bullet 350

RE didn’t change its style pattern and people still love it

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 is one such motorcycles which needs no introduction. Since the time it has been incepted in India, the owners of this motorcycle ride it with a sense of pride and its loud exhaust note makes everyone aware of its arrival. It was started to be sold in India in 1949 but the assembly commenced in 1955 in India when Ridditch company shook hands with India’s Madras Motors and the collaboration was christened as Enfield India. The name lasted till 1994 when the firm partnered with Eicher group and this gave birth to the name ‘Royal Enfield’.

Today, the brand has come a long way and started selling several models with the same DNA which is the first choice of many motorcycle enthusiasts in India.

Bajaj Chetak:

Bajaj Chetak

Once it was one of the highest sold scooters

One of the top contributors to the success of Bajaj is the Chetak which grown in terms of popularity soon after its arrival. With a lot of people buying it, the Bajaj Chetak had become one of the highest selling scooter which was for a particular time span. Its rough and tough nature attracted humongous Indian commuters which satisfied all the needs of being a workhorse with low maintenance costs. It was sold until the year 2009 after which Bajaj started focussing on motorcycles segment and discontinued the Chetak. However, speculations have  been doing rounds that the company is going to relaunch the Bajaj Chetak with much needed advancement while retaining the same character.

The aforementioned top 5 two-wheelers are amongst those which are still remembered by the riders happily and will continue to be one of the best motorcycles and scooters of all time.

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