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Extreme Level Squid! Rider Speeding In The Middle Of Wrong Side On Highway (Video)

Being a squid has become a common trend in India but this is nothing short of suicide

The increasing number of squids in India is one of the main reasons for the accidents we come to know about every second day. Riding rash with flicking movements, getting past dense traffic at blistering speeds and many more such fatal moves have become common to encounter on Indian roads these days. However, all the indecency we spot happens on the appropriate side of the road but this village lad in the video, which went viral on Youtube, took all this to another level.

A Youtuber with a go pro mounted on his helmet caught sight of a biker, with no gears and helmet, coming from the opposite direction in the left side lane and getting past the ongoing vehicles at speed of around 100 kmph. Looking at his outfit it appears he must be a resident of a village nearby and maybe that’s the reason he has got the guts to make this daring move. Daring or stupid, that’s a different story. But the main question here is what if a biker with all the helmet and gears on would have done the same thing? No doubt, the inhabitants nearby would have tried their best to catch him and teach him a good lesson.

Just recently another video came in showing a group of bikers being thrashed by a village mob. The reason being a village girl child killed by a rider due to ramming into her. The rider who hit the child was tied to a tree and was brutally beaten by a few enraged locals. However, this might have happened due to a village biker as well but just because the rider had an expensive bike and was wearing the protective gears, he was insensibly considered as the true victim. Regardless of who’s mistake it must have been, the riding group had to suffer all the vicious consequences.

All of that might sound complete injustice but there is not too much we can do about it. It was the police’s duty to arrive at the spot on time, investigate the true cause of the misfortune and decide whether someone’s worthy a punishment or not. However, the Police came to the scene after all the havoc had already taken place and did nothing concrete about the matter. We are prone to come across such shocking scenarios while traveling along Indian roads. All we can do is be careful on our side and try our best to avoid any predicaments.


Anuj Mishra

Born in Amravati, Anuj dreams to explore various serene locations on his motorcycle, first of India then around the world. Every motorcycle in this world enthrals him. The howling of sportbikes and thumping of cruisers is all he hears when awake as well as asleep.

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