BIke Servicing Tips

6 Points To Remember Before Your Bike Servicing Visit

Beware! The service guy might fool you if you ignore these quick inspection exercises
Bike Servicing Tips 2

Even your motorcycle craves for your attention

If petrol for your bike acts same as food for your body, then bike servicing acts same as the regular workout. It’s not that you cannot live your life without working out but, as said, doing so may keep you healthy and increase your life span. Same does periodic servicing to your motorcycle as it keeps it healthy and rideable for many years.

So ultimately, it is immensely vital to give your motorcycle the much-needed servicing dose after every few days. But, there are points which you should take care of before you hit the service point. Don’t worry, we wouldn’t ask you to lubricate the chain on your own or change the engine oil at your place. Instead, these are a few tips which are easy to execute and might help you to make the full out of your visit to the service centre.

Choose an appropriate garage: This may act as one of the most important aspects while getting your ride serviced. There are two types of service points among which you should choose. First, it either has to be a company authorised centre or it should be a garage located near your residence and your have heard good reviews of the place. The former will prevent you from being worried about the quality of the service. And the latter will reduce your effort of travelling a long distance to revisit the point after an unsatisfied work. So, choose anyone of these rather than blindly stopping at any of the garages and getting your bike ruined.

Have a list of glitches in your bike: There are huge chances of forgetting a point while explaining the problems in your motorcycle to the mechanic or the person in charge of the service section. To avoid this, always prefer making a list of every tiny fault which you have encountered while riding. Also, do not ignore even the minor bugs since they may soon turn into a big damage and affect other parts connected to it.

Keep a record of the tool kit and petrol: Your motorcycle or scooter has a storage box where you might have kept the tool kit, first aid kit or the documents of your vehicle. Before you decide to head out for the servicing, either remove and keep these things with you or just remember what sort of stuff was there before you hand over your two-wheeler. Also, keep a check on the fuel level before and after giving your bike for the service.

Check for scratches and dents: Your disappointment may turn into an aggressive rage in case you notice a scratch, dent or a part of paint being damaged post service. And, as it often happens, the mechanic might clearly refuse his involvement in the damage. To avoid such situations taking rise, take photos of all the sensitive pars of your motorcycle which might get damaged while the repairing and washing process. So that you can show it to the mechanic as a proof just in case.

Get the oil changed in your presence: The engine oil is something which you won’t bother to check after taking your ride at home. Who opens the oil filler cap and checks whether a fresh oil has been filled? But, one thing you can do for not getting bluffed about the oil change is by getting it replaced in your presence. No one would want to pay for a brand new container of oil if it hasn’t been filled in your bike but has been priced in your bill.

Take a short test ride: Until and unless you don’t know the mechanic personally, never believe his claim to have made your bike all set. Before taking the delivery and paying the service amount, always do a test run to be absolutely sure that your motorcycle is ready in your desired way. If you take your bike home without checking and come back with a fault, the service man might refuse to take the blame on himself.

These are a few tips which you should follow before your periodic bike servicing. After a plenty of experience, you may memorise all the aspects and start doing them without fail.

Take care of your bike and it will take care of you.

Ride Safe!



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