Helmet ban

Non-ISI Helmet Ban Cancelled By Bangalore Traffic Department

The ban has been withdrawn owing to the fact that visual examination of helmet cannot assure its quality or ISI certification

Helmet Ban

Bangalore traffic police already started applying fines for half-face helmets

The Bangalore traffic department had rolled out a notice mentioning that the helmet which doesn’t have ISI mark on them will attract fine. The move was to be operational from 1st February 2018. However, according to the recent report, Bangalore traffic police department has now decided to cancel the ban owing to the fact that only visual examination of the helmet cannot clarify its ISI certification and quality.

The traffic department questioned the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) about the ban and how would it be possible to judge the ruggedness of the helmet by just inspecting it visually. After not being able to give a concrete justification, BIS issued a letter to the city commissioner mentioning that the quality of helmet cannot be judged simply by taking it in hand and examining it.

The fact is various hardcore riders who, apart from owning a good motorcycle, are too keen on choosing their biking accessories. Such riders go beyond the ISI certification and buy helmets which are way more expensive and unquestionable in terms of quality. Such helmets are way better than the ISI certified helmets and fining the owners for using these helmets would be purely unfair. These helmets are imported and meet more reliable DOT, Snell and ECE regulations.

The Bangalore traffic department has now become extremely serious about road safety and the cops in the city have already started fining the riders wearing half-face or face-less helmets. This is undoubtedly a welcome move as various commuters strap a helmet around their head just to stay away from the fine.Safety is not at all their concern and they find every way to save a few bucks by buying cheap helmets or the ones which do not cover the full face. The seriousness of the Bangalore traffic department towards adopting safety measures should encourage all the other cities across India to do the same.


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