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Moto3 And MotoGP Bikes To Receive Dashboard Messages From 2018

Rejoice race enthusiasts! The messages will also be displayed publically for adding spice to the fun.
Ducati GP13 Dashboard

Currently, the MotoGP bikes dashboard only display the flags

The Assen MotoGP concluded with a new and interesting decision taken by the GP Commission of transmitting dashboard messages on the riders bikes from next year’s season. Owing to the difficulties faced by riders to view the pit board for messages till now, this decision was taken to ease the communication between authority, team and their riders. From next year, Moto3 and MotoGP bikes will be receiving this facility whereas Moto2 bikes will be fitted with it from 2019.

The spec ECUs which Moto3 and MotoGP bikes incorporate are perfectly fit for installing these systems whereas those in Moto2 bikes, supplied by Magneti Marelli, will need to be altered as per the required specifications. Apart from the Race Direction messages given to the racers, the participant team will be able to convey any sort of messages to their riders. Also, as expected, these messages will be displayed for the spectetors for adding the extra blend of fun to the show.

Well, thinking practically, MotoGP bikes are thunderingly fast which acquire top speeds of around 350 kmph on straight patches. That speed requires a lot of consciousness from the riders and makes it hectic to take their eyes off the track and look at the messages. In the case of pit boards, it happens quite often that the riders are not able to look at the messages while being busy keeping up the pace. However, comparatively, dashboard messages will just take a moment to have a glimpse of the text being displayed to them.

Various cases have been observed when the riders while racing in critical weathers conditions, don’t get the information of necessity to halt at pit stops and it results in unfortunate damages. This might be largely avoided with the new facility resulting in a more organised team performance. Appreciating the decision of the commission, the legend racer Valentino Rossi said that implementing this idea would make for a great convenience for riders.

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