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Invisible Driver Prank That Shook The Indian Pedestrians (Video)

Ever imagined how dumb-struck you would be after spotting a car driven without a driver?

If not, then here you have a glimpse of the reaction given by Indian pedestrians when they got sight of a car which didn’t have driver inside.

“Bina driver k chal rahi hai!!’

‘Kiska Automatic gaadi hai bhai??’

‘Koi Police ko bulao!’

‘Chaabhi nikal lo!!’

Two Youtubers executed this funny invisible driver prank brilliantly which went viral on the internet and managed to score over 1.2 million views. One of the two YouTubers uses the car seat cover as his outfit which creates an illusion that there’s no driver in the car. Since the driver could only control the accelerator and brake, he couldn’t drive it for more than a few meters due to not being able to steer it around. However, the few meters of drive dropped jaws of several people who caught sight of the unusual scenario.

The two youngsters tried the prank at several public places and it fetched varied responses. A few viewers just stood by the car with eyes wide open while some others gathered more crowd to show the shocking sight to everyone. A woman started yelling asking people to call the police. When driven in a parking area, a security guard was intensely shaken at the sight and got utterly frightened. So much that he went on to take off the car keys so that it should stop.

Although performed by several people outside India (videos of which are available on Youtube). such entertaining prank executed by Indians is a thing to admire. One thing worth noticing is that we go to cinema halls for watching movies or attend stand up comedy shows to be entertained and have a good time laughing. But, we never imagine that even the natural responses of people after viewing such surprising events could be so cheerful.

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Anuj Mishra

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