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Here’s Why Karnataka RTO’s Half-face Helmet Ban Should Be Pan India

To ensure safety at its best, Bengaluru and Musuru government made the non-ISI, open-face and half-face helmet ban operational actively.

Helmet Ban
For all who are truly concerned about safety while riding motorcycles, the move of Karnataka government banning half-face helmets will be a delighting news for them. The Bengaluru and Mysuru RTO department has banned the use of half-face, open-face and non-ISI certified helmets while riding two-wheelers in the city. Anyone found doing so will be fined for a preset amount and the helmet will be seized and crushed.

The question here is, why only these few regions of Karnataka state have awoken to take a step which is vital for all the cities across the nation? Moreover, many cities and towns don’t even bother making helmet mandatory and riders are seen prowling unfazed on motorcycles with bare heads. We need to recollect why the government had made this accessory a compulsion several decades ago.

There are countless towns across India where neither citizens are careful enough about safety nor the traffic department bother to spot the violation and fine the bare-headed riders. Talking about other developed cities, riders do wear the helmet but only for the sake of escaping from the traffic police and the fine. What we forget is they have not been made compulsory for the government’s fine collection but for us to be safe on roads. Never can we predict what will happen the next moment on the bustling city roads. The day we come across an accident is the time we realize its importance but in some cases, it’s already too late to regret.

We avoid wearing it either due to our laziness or we are too conscious about hairs ruining. But, if you give it a second thought, it’s better to have messy hair rather than a broken skull. Also, in the attempt to save a few bucks, we often tend to buy cheap helmets which are manufactured locally. Let me tell you, they are close to wearing no helmet and the damage after an accident cannot be prevented. The ISI certified helmet goes through a comprehensive testing process and can be trusted blindly as their robustness is top notch and do not break easily.

Therefore, make sure you value your precious life and do not hesitate to spend a few extra bucks on buying a full-face, ISI certified helmet since we cannot get away from a misfortune penned in our destiny but we can be ready to face it with all the shield and armor.



Anuj Mishra

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