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Difference Between TVS Apache RR310 & BMW G310R

Built under the same roof, the TVS Apache RR310 and BMW G310R consist of the same chassis and engine but carry some distinctions, apart from the looks, to satisfy their purpose.
TVS Apache RR310Ever since BWM and TVS joined hands, they had kept many anticipating as to what will the duo bring to the Indian market. Both the brands have been in the news for making products which share the same platform and engine. After a lot of research and development, the companies came up with one street-naked bike with the German branding along with a faired motorcycle to be sold under the TVS banner, both based on the same lines. While the sportsbike TVS Apache RR310 has already arrived (with a bang!), the BMW G310R is due to be launched in India which is expected to come by mid-2018. Although both the bikes are majorly identical under the skin, there are a few distinctions which set them apart. To find that out, let’s have a look at the differences between the TVS Apache RR310 & BMW G310R.

Purpose: The very first and obvious difference between both the bikes is their purpose and that could be identified by just having a look at them. The TVS Apache RR310 is an aggressive and punchy sportsbike which is not just meant to commute but also to set lap times on the racetrack once in a while. On the other hand, the BMW G310R is a naked street bike which could give you a lot of fun on the city roads along with a nice experience while touring. Although both the bikes are comfortable, they would be more than happy if you make them do what they are meant for.

Gear Mechanism: Supporting the aforementioned distinctive purpose of the bikes is the way the gears are installed on them. The TVS Apache RR310 utilizes a larger rear sprocket as compared to that on the BMW G310R. The former uses a 41-teeth unit while the latter is driven by a 40-teeth sprocket which makes the TVS accelerate more enthusiastically from standstill but gives it lower top end range. That differentiates both the bikes in terms of acceleration thereby serving their own unique purpose.

ECU: Despite being powered by the identical engine, TVS went on to built its own ECU to optimize the desired performance from the sportsbike. The throttle response of the Apache is quite energetic as compared to the G310R’s milder response giving the former more sporty manners. Albeit, both carry the same 313cc, single cylinder, liquid-cooled powerplant with the reverse inclined internal structure resulting in commendable mass centralization.

Frame: Yet another aspect supporting the different duties of the bikes is the tweak in the frame of the TVS Apache RR310. The main frame which underpins both the motorcycles is the same trellis unit but the difference lies in the rear subframe. The rear end of the TVS has been a bit uplifted which gives it a high-raised tail section making the ergonomics more aggressive, again, adding to its sporty geometry.

Fairing. Well, this doesn’t need an explanation but it is something which keeps them apart in terms of styling and aerodynamics. The neat and sleek fairing on the TVS Apache RR310 has been finalized after detailed testing in the wind tunnel and on the airstrip to make sure the Apache cuts the air like a hot knife through the butter. On the other hand, BMW accelerates equally well but the absence of fairing and visor should be felt at high speeds, somewhere over 100-110 kmph.


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