Cold Start Motorcycle

Deal With Motorcycle Cold Starts With These Simple Steps

Every morning, the struggle I go through with work in the office is not more than the cold start problem of my bike. It’s a 2012 model and doesn’t have the kickstart lever so all I am left with is the self-start. Something that is a facility for improved convenient is a problem if the motorcycle is left unridden for long. The problem is severe in winter days. You keep jabbing the self-start button and hear the bike urging to start but failing to fire up. In such cases, what we generally do is keep pushing the button until the bike starts. That could be the worst thing to do to the engine as many internal parts can be damaged in the long run and a lot of strain is put on the battery.

After experimenting a few things and a bit of research on the Internet I have come with a few solutions and precautions which are needed to be followed while dealing with motorcycle cold starts.

The most crucial tip is not to keep the self-start engaged for more than 5 seconds even if the motorcycle doesn’t start. If it fails to fire up, leave the button, keep the bike idle for around 15 seconds and then try again. Repeat the process until the bike starts. The next feature to use is the choke lever which could either be present on the engine assembly or on the switchgear. Many people have this misconception that using the choke is not good after leaving your bike unridden for a few days. On the contrary, you should engage choke whenever your bike doesn’t start.

While you are pushing the self-starter, do not give the throttle simultaneously. Again, it will put a lot of pressure on the battery and fueling section which might reduce the life of these parts. Keep the throttle completely disengaged while starting. If you feel like the engine might turn ON with a little acceleration then do it but do not go too harsh on it.

Unclean carburetter or spark plug could be one of the reasons for such complications in your motorcycle. You should take a good care of your bike which includes getting it serviced periodically, cleaning the areas of bike where dirt, muck and slush may get stuck and changing the engine oil when it supposed to. The last option for starting your bike if self-start doesn’t work is to put it in first gear when the engine is shut, engage the clutch, drag the bike and release the clutch when the bike is in motion. That is the most under-rated but useful trick to start any segment of bike and that even works for high-end motorcycles.




Anuj Mishra

Born in Amravati, Anuj dreams to explore various serene locations on his motorcycle, first of India then around the world. Every motorcycle in this world enthrals him. The howling of sportbikes and thumping of cruisers is all he hears when awake as well as asleep.

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