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Remember These Points While Braking in monsoon

Braking in monsoon can be as risky as banging into an oncoming vehicle, remember these points to avoid any goof up.

Sun is at its full intensity and while wiping the sweat off, all we wait for is the monsoon. Although when it arrives, it brings along a lot of muck and slush everywhere which means grab a raincoat everytime you escape out of the house and shoes are a big no-no. However, what makes monsoon acceptable is the coolness and breeze which makes things quite romantic. But for us bikers, monsoon means increased consciousness while riding and more concern about safety. Rides become a bit risky task and the most dangerous is always the braking part. Riders are most vulnerable to fall while braking and MCN has got a few tips which should educate us about how we can brake in wet with least chances of falling.

Look for a suitable area

Braking requires a suitable area to be executed efficiently. Things which matter are plane surface, untilted road and less traffic. Braking a motorcycle is a task which demands a certain amount of distance and doesn’t happen instantly. Thus, it is important to be ready and examine your surrounding quickly before you push the pedal.

Be gradual while braking

Unlike in dry condition, you cannot just apply the brakes hard and the bike would stop. In this case, the fear of wheels locking up rises considerably. To avoid this, apply the brakes in short pumps which will give it enough room to maintain the traction and let the wheel take its time to stop efficiently and safely.

Drop a leg down

While braking, when you are about to lose balance, you may feel the bike leaning on any one side. Stretch a leg out on the side of lean which acts as a protective measure to avoid severe injuries when you fall as resting the legs on footpeg causes a lot of injury after falling.

Have a keen eye on the road

Roads have varied surface area where some spots might be grippy while others might consist of sand and water mixed to form a slippery surface. So, if you are not braking in an emergency, look for the proper surface which could possess good traction.

Take short rides

If you are planning a long ride in a few days time, make sure you do several short rides beforehand. Doing this you will get habitual to the aforementioned braking tactics and you will start taking the necessary precautions even subconsciously.

Anuj Mishra

Born in Amravati, Anuj dreams to explore various serene locations on his motorcycle, first of India then around the world. Every motorcycle in this world enthrals him. The howling of sportbikes and thumping of cruisers is all he hears when awake as well as asleep.

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