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Best Selling Bikes In India In 2018: 150-220cc Segment

We Indians, when we go on to buy a motorcycle, are concerned about its popularity and sales more than the specifications and performance. Because we know, if a bike is capable it is ought to fetch admirable sales. Several two-wheelers in India have such strong presence in the market that it’s nearly impossible to shake their popularity. To give you a clearer picture, I have listed down the top 10 best selling bikes in India in ascending order of their sales.

The Indian youth’s favorite KTM Duke and RC 200 opened the year with the sales 2914 units in the month of January. Both the motorcycles have been recently updated with a new BS IV engine and fresh graphics. The changes only make the motorcycles more captivating. Looks like the charisma of KTM Duke and RC 200 continues in the country courtesy of their peppy engine and mind-blowing design.

Continuing its fan-following in the entry-level sportbike segment, the Yamaha R15 fetched a fair number of customers in January. The figure of 3232 units of sales is highly expected to sky-rocket in the coming days owing to the major update it has received. Prettier looks and more efficient engine of the new R15 only raises hopes for the Japanese brand Yamaha.

Suzuki’s strategy of cloning (not exactly) the bigger intruder into a smaller one is working quite well as the Intruder 150 has garnered sales of 3833 units in January. The loud aesthetics may have brought a scorn on many faces but it sure managed to pull many customers towards it. With the same 150cc engine as the Gixxer, the Suzuki Intruder 150 has altered gear ratios and tweaked ergonomics to suit its cruiser bike purpose.

On number seven is the Bajaj V15 which, although started losing its customer base, didn’t really move away from the list of 10 best selling bikes in India. Holding a patriotic value with body parts from the INS Vikrant battleship, the 150cc commuter recorded sales of 4595 units in January. Well, it’s quite unfortunate that the recorded number is only 25 percent of its initial day’s sales.

Honda Hornet 160 R Special Edition

With its Hornet 160R, Honda has been standing firm in the 150cc performance bike segment. And, it’s no wonder going by its muscular design, chunky wheels, extremely refined 162.7 cc engine and mildly sporty ergonomics. All of that makes for a perfect recipe for attracting Indian youngsters. Now, a more stylish alternative Honda XBlade has increased the reasons for customers to hit the Honda showroom.

Bajaj Avenger 220

Bajaj Avenger 220 Street

On rank five comes the pioneer of cruiser biking in India the Avenger series. The three variants of the bike – Avenger Street 150, Avenger Street 220 and Avenger cruise 220, together saw sales of 7728 units outselling the competition which is anyway not much. Among the three trims, the Avenger 150 didn’t garner a major chunk of sales. Perhaps because of this, the company launched a new replacement for it, the Avenger 180.

Yamaha FZ-S FI Blue

Yamaha FZ-S FI

Yet another strong contender in the performance bike segment in India is the Yamaha FZ series. After the launch of the value-for-money FZ25, the popularity only got stimulated. As for the fuel injected versions, the FZ. FZS, FZ25 and Fazer 25 collectively recorded sales of 17,172 units which is commendable. The bikes, since the inception of first gen FZ, have intrigued a huge number of Indian masses.

Honda Unicorn 160

When it comes to refined, frugal and reliable commuter bike, the Honda Unicorn siblings have always been on the priority list. Many Indian customers opted for them which is apparent from the remarkable sales figure of 30,016 units making them rank third in the chart. Notably, the contribution of the Unicorn 160 is minimal in this with the sales of just 2666 units while the Unicorn 150 grabbing all the attention of 27,350 buyers. Although the bigger sibling is not comparatively too expensive, the customers kept wanting the 150cc iteration which forced the company to relaunch it after keeping it discontinued for a short span.

TVS Apache RTR 200

Booking the second spot in the list is unsurprisingly the TVS Apache series which is the first choice of many enthusiastic riders. All the three versions with engine capacity of 160, 180 and 200 together brought sales of 32,647 units to the Indian bikemaker. The bikes pack in the enthusiastic grunt which is loved by many Indian riders and the sporty riding posture adds to the adorable traits of the bike. With the launch of the new and bigger Apache RR310, this sales figure is sure to flourish in the coming months.

Bajaj Pulsar 220F

What started with round headlamp and blown up tank has now turned into the definition of performance motorcycle. Yes, we are talking about the Bajaj Pulsar series which stand as invincible contenders on the first rank clocking the sales of 56,919 units which is a sum of all its models.With models available from 150 to 220cc, Bajaj Pulsar has been offering the customers almost every level of performance commuter with the same excitement and ride quality. Among all the models, the Bajaj Pulsar 150 continues to have a spot in many Indian rider’s garages who wish to have for a stylish, powerful and presentable motorcycle.





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