Barry Sheene Award

Barry Sheene Received 2017 Motorsports Hall Of Fame Award

Also present was the Suzuki XR14, the race bike on which Barry won the race in 1976.

Barry Sheene Suzuki XR14

Here is the Suzuki XR14 on which Barry stood world champion in 1976

Barry Sheene, a champion race in the past and presently an ardent commentator, has been awarded with the 2017 Motorsports Hall of Fame for all his achievements and acquisitions. Joining the string of various other legendary racers who won this award in the past, including Giacomo Agostini and Valentino Rossi, Barry marked his name in the books of Motorshports to be remembered forever.

Nominated for the award were other deserving racers of the past such as Joey Dunlop and Mike Hailwood among whom Barry Sheene made it to the title. Started his career as a professsional racer in 1960, the award winner raced for not less than 24 years, until 1984, after which he left getting down on the track and started commentating. During these 24 years of action packed racing days, he bagged various records. Some prominent were Formula 750 in 1973 and, in 1976 and 1977, when he showed his mettle in the 500cc category.

At the award, raising the glory of the racer was his race bike which he had rode in 1976 for winning the World Championship title. It was the Suzuki XR14 race bike,a full faired model boasting of the most ancient race bike aesthetics. Freddy Spencer, the other world champion racer, had rode this bike in the parade lap.

The British Racer Barry Sheene has served for the racing community with all his will and dedication for all his years of motorcycle racing and, being awarded the 2017 Motorshoprt Hall of Fame is the perfect honour he could have received.

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