Bajaj Dominar vs Royal Enfield

Bajaj Dominar Vs Royal Enfield: 6 Reasons Why Hyper Riding Failed To Haathi

Indian youth is obsessed with the British brand Royal Enfield. The thumping sound of these classic bikes has such an impact on the youngsters that they just can’t over it. With the day to day skyrocketing sales, Royal Enfield has continued to prove its mettle for quite some time now. Amidst this rising craze of the classic machines, the Indian bikemaker Bajaj attempted to compete in the segment last year with its claimed RE-rival the Dominar 400. With all the modern features and powerful engine, Bajaj wagers that the Dominar has all that it takes to be a potent modern rival of the highly successful Royal Enfield (Classic 350, as its the highest selling model). However, even after a few months of Dominar’s launch, Bajaj Dominar vs Royal Enfield turned out clearly in the favour of the latter. But why you may ask. Here I have 6 reasons to justify why Bajaj Dominar showed extremely low sales figures as compared with the Royal Enfield bikes.

Bajaj Dominar 400 White

Thumping Sound- The thump which emanates from the Royal Enfield’s twinspark engine makes the fans crazy and riders love to keep hearing it while riding long distances. However, the 373.2 cc, single-cylinder engine of the Bajaj Dominar possesses an easy and refined exhaust note which doesn’t have a unique feel to it. The affection for the roaring RE engine is such within the riders that many prefer the more brutal after-market kit to further enhance the fun.

Chrome Parts- The Bajaj Dominar is no doubt an attractive motorcycle but its blacked out parts don’t enthrall the RE lovers as much as the gleaming chrome parts of the Royal Enfield motorcycles do. A single wipe of a cloth brings back the stained shine of every part of RE bikes and that’s something many fall in love with.

Riding Position- Talking about the riding positions, there’s no denying that both the motorcycle are comfortable as they intend to serve the purpose of touring for the riders. However, the upright and despotic riding stance of Royal Enfields couldn’t be matched by the mildly sporty riding position of the Bajaj Dominar 400. When on the saddle of RE bikes, boys and men tend to swell out their chests with pride of riding the British machine which couldn’t be felt on Indian bikemaker’s offering.

Classic feel- There’s a nostalgia in how the Royal Enfield motorcycles look, feel and ride. These bikes have a strong historical significance as it was the only motorcycle used by Indian military officials in the early days. This not only makes them special but also makes the owner feel proud of having a bike which had been a companion of soldiers. There’s undoubtedly no such historic phase linked with the Bajaj’s power cruiser Dominar 400.

Customisation- Although the looks of Royal Enfield bikes are lovable in their stock avatar, many are seen to have customized their bikes in their own way to make it more personalized. The authorized after-market accessories available for Royal Enfield motorcycles allow owners to tweak almost every part of the bikes making them look more alluring. As for the Dominar, there aren’t too many accessory options available which may vitalize its aesthetics.

Off-Road Efficiency- Royal Enfield motorcycles are known to have all parts metal, almost. That makes these bikes rugged thereby making them suitable for off-roading. The spoked wheels play a vital role in this case as they are more suitable to ride on rough trails as compared to alloy wheels. All this explains why Royal Enfield motorcycles are taken to Leh Ladakh in most numbers. Well, Dominar riders have to be extremely careful as the thudding sound of fiber parts over rough roads signify they have to be handled delicately.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Redditch


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