Nozza Grande Chennai

Nozza Grande: The Vietnamese Scooter Spotted In Chennai

The Indian edition may be a stripped down version to cut the cost of the expensive scooter.
Nozza Grande Chennai

Resembling the Fascino, Nozza Grande may take up Yamaha sales in future

Yamaha is probably up to something new! A scooter, which was launched in Vietnam in 2014, has been captured in a lens on the roads of Chennai. Slightly resembling the chubby dimensions of the Fascino, the Nozza Grande is a 125cc scooter picture of which reveal a few details of it. With no details regarding the India entry, Autocar shared a few hints of the nature of the scooter.

The 99 kg lightweight scooter is dragged by a 125cc, fuel injected, air-cooled engine. It generates 8.2 HP of power at 6,500 RPM and 9.7 Nm of torque at 5,000 RPM which may provide a decent power-to-weight ratio combined with the minimal weight. As apparent from the image, the tail lamp resembles Yamaha’s traditional design with slim outstretched indicators. The fuel filler cap is highly expected to be mounted below handlebars, similar to the discontinued SYM Rodeo.

What makes it a more usable scooter is its 27 litres under seat storage which can be attributed to the placement of the tank at front. On the Vietnamese model, the seat of the Nozza Grande resides at the height of 760mm which may be inconvenient for Indian riders and the company might change this for Indian edition. Other changes could be executed is on the 12-inch cast alloy wheels and front disc which can be altered to cut the cost.

Looking at the success of the Fascino, which acquires more customer than the popular FZ, Yamaha might extend its scooter line-up in India and bring down the Nozza Grande. The price is surprisingly high in Vietnam as compared to Indian scooters but the Indian edition may lie in the budget of prospective buyers.


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