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5 Reasons Smartphones Are The Best Friends Of Riders

Individually they are useful but together they become assistants in the best of your experiences

Smartphone And Motorcycle

Gone are those days when phone was only an instrument for calls and messages

In this generation of automation and technology, smartphones are the most important part of our lives. Something that was once a luxury, has now become a need. We find it shocking if someone we meet doesn’t carry a phone. Day by day, the same culture is taking rise in terms of motorcycles as well, especially within the youth. Rarely we find a youngster today who doesn’t ride, likes or admires motorcycles. In the context of both smartphones and bikes, the one thing I want to make everyone notice is how these tiny and handy smartphones are interconnected to motorcycles and riders. Smartphones act as one of the best assistants when we are on a ride which can be challenging at several times and without our phones, we cannot keep on. Read these 5 reasons to know how smartphones are the best friends of riders.

Route Guide: Navigation is nothing new to us as we often use it to reach an unknown destination. Countless riders set off on their motorcycles to the places which are completely new to them or locations which are highly remote. The only reason for this confidence is the phone which is always there to help us out in finding the route we should or must take and getting back where we come from. No doubt, we meet people along the journey whom we can ask the route of our destination but rolling to a halt at every turn or junction either kill a lot of our precious time or makes us much annoyed.

Spreading Awareness: Riding clubs are made by the bond of brotherhood. Riders don’t  just have the soft corner for their fellow club members but also for every unknown biker who is passionate to explore new roads and terrains. While carving their way to unknown territories, Riders are bound to come across obstacles which could be dangerous for other riders. In such cases, there are several apps and social media platforms on smartphones which could be utilized to spread the word of mouth related to an obstacle which may come in the way of other riders. This not only assists other riders to choose their route wisely but also keeps the much-needed brotherhood alive.

Technical Assistance: Since the motorcycle is a piece of machine, it is bounded to have technical glitches and faults which often take rise while we are on long rides. Among these glitches, many could be repaired only by an expert mechanic. But often there are some faults in our motorcycles which we can repair ourselves but we still choose to drag the bike to a mechanic and shell out our precious money. At such times, Youtube can become our helping hand which has the solution for almost every problem in this world, almost. Not just that, if the problem is not solvable by us, we can easily find the nearest mechanic on the Internet.

Illumination: Experienced riders have already been through several problems and they carry every equipment which might be required. But novice riders are not fully aware of the luggage list and get into situations where an instrument is needed but they don’t have it. One of such instruments is torch which is crucial when we are riding at night. When a problem arises in the engine, tyre or any other part of the bike while you are in a dark deserted place without street lights, the shortage of a torch is fulfilled by the powerful mobile flash. Yet another situation where smartphone comes to your rescue!

Treasuring Moments: One of the most obvious uses of a smartphone is photography. We prefer to opt for a phone which has the best camera in its segment. And if we are a rider, there is always this thought while buying the phone to capture the best of our rides. We take photos, record videos and all the fun we have on our motorcycle tours and cherish them forever. And storing them forever is possible only because of the data backup platforms available on the internet. Although nothing can replace DSLRs, their bulky size and demand for delicate handling often make it a tedious task to carry it on our rides. Currently, some smartphones in the market deliver such quality of pictures which were only a fascination in bygone days.

Anuj Mishra

Born in Amravati, Anuj dreams to explore various serene locations on his motorcycle, first of India then around the world. Every motorcycle in this world enthrals him. The howling of sportbikes and thumping of cruisers is all he hears when awake as well as asleep.

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